Like some personal training to go with your new website?

You're invited to my Cornerstone Funnel Training Day (valued at $997)

From 9am till 3pm, I'll help you in 5 exciting ways:

  • ​WEBSITE TOUR: I'll refresh you as to how your funnel works and take you a quick tour of your site so that we are both on the same page
  • ​MECHANICS: I'll walk you through the mechanics of running your LIVE classes and also how to make your videos
  • ​TRAFFIC: I'll teach you some good, solid and simple traffic strategies so you can start get some eyeballs on your new site
  • EMAILS: I'll have automation expert, JASON BUCKNER "Zoom" in and answer any questions you have about the email automation of your site
  • ​QUESTIONS: You can ask me the questions that pertain to you and your niche

Saturday December 3, 2002