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An Urgent Message

FROM: Brett McFall

Creator of Growth Club - "Your Fastest Way To A $30K Day" And Marketing Coach to over 5,000 students in 17 countries

This RISK-FREE offer goes away in...

6Days 09Hours: 36Minutes: 03Seconds

Dear Coach,

You Know How Most Marketing Coaches Try And Get You On A Call To Sell You Something At High Ticket?


For The Next 14-Days I'll Hold Your Hand So You Can Get Paid Clients The Easy Way...

I'll Build You A 2-Page Lead-Generating Website...

My Own A.I. Will 
Create ALL Your Marketing For You...

I'll Give You
$15,014 In Marketing Training Immediately...

And I Do It All For Just $1!

BEST OF ALL? I won't ask you to invest thousands of dollars in my coaching.

Sound good?

This way, you only pay for results, NOT coaching.

EVEN BETTER: You can use my own tailored Growth Club AI to write your ads for you (as if I'd written them for you myself)... create video scripts for you... create your webinar slides for you - and more... BOOOM!

How can do I do this for you without it costing you an arm and a leg?


Which means, my students stay in Growth Club because it's profitable to do so. They get a RETURN on their investment.

So, if you're open to it...

I'll show you my biggest secrets for attracting and keeping clients, no matter what niche you are in.


To start our relationship off right, I want to "GIFT" you $15,014 worth of my step-by-step, easy-to-understand marketing materials right now for just $1

If you're an expert in your field and you want to finally know the easy way to attract the right clients on autopilot, then this could be the most important message you ever read (even if you think you've tried everything).

Here's why...

IN SHORT: Because we don't know each other yet. So, my goal is to impress the pants off you so that you realise I can help you grow your coaching business FAST.

And if you'll allow me to, I'm going to "ethically" bribe you to take a ride with me for 14-days, as you trial my Growth Club.

And that means I'm going to help you for 14-days and give you instant access to $15,014 worth of my best marketing training for just $1! ​

WHY? Just to get you to say "maybe" - and if you like it, my ongoing help is just $197/month

YOU CAN ONLY WIN! I'll Send You $15,014 Worth Of Pure Money-Making Information For $1 (Just For Saying "Maybe"!)

...This bundle of gifts valued at $15,014 is yours. 

Get Started TODAY! You Will Get EVERYTHING You Need to Start Attracting The Right Clients On AUTOPILOT and have a $30K Day - With LIVE Coaching & Accountability - FOR JUST $1

See, I believe in the following theory:

If there are 2 people in a kitchen, and one of them is a Gourmet Chef.

And the other can't cook to save themselves (let's suppose for a moment that this person is me!) then all it is going to take for me to cook a meal as perfectly as a Chef... is to follow EXACTLY what the Chef does!

Because if I do, I know I'm going to be able to achieve their result, true? Or at least get damned close. 

​And that's the exact same theory I put to the test here in Growth Club

The student success stories you see here, are all just following exactly what I do. And BOOM!... they get all the clients they need.

So... can you follow my steps too?​

Will you let me help you for the next 14-days?


Let me work with you LIVE for the next 14-days... with my weekly Masterclasses 

I'll work with you LIVE to turn you in a "marketing genius" - I'll make everything easy to understand... bring out the best in you... and help you to smash any limitations stopping you from being a profitable coach.

A Masterclass can change everything in just 60-minutes - including things like:

  • ​MINDSET SECRETS: How to super-charge your brain to become your magnetic force driving you forward
  • ​COPYWRITING SECRETS: How to write words that draw people to you like moths to a flame
  • ​MARKETING SECRETS: How to become the ONLY choice for your prospect - even if you're in a sea of competition (in fact, just copy my ads!)
  • SELLING SECRETS: How to charge what you're worth, and get it! No more competing on price or having to discount your coaching just to get a client onboard

Through my LIVE Weekly Masterclasses I'll help you copy my marketing... so that you WIN

​Just "follow the Chef" in order to turn your business into a profitable one.

But to give you amazing value... and to motivate you to try it out today, I've loaded up this opportunity with so many helpful tools, that the only way you could lose... would be to NOT take advantage!


And let me load you up with these incredible BONUSES just for taking a 14-day journey with me...

FREE GIFT #1 - Recordings of each Masterclass (valued at $997)

If you miss the class - NO PROBLEM! Like to recap what was taught? NO PROBLEM! In the members-only Growth Club site, you'll find a treasure-trove of classes that only teach you what you need to know - NO MORE OVERWHELM!

FREE GIFT #2 - Special Reports Of Each Masterclass (valued at $997)

Sometimes you just want to learn by reading, right?  Reading lets you absorb the detail... make notes... and highlight the areas that are most important to you.

So within hours of the LIVE class, you'll find a Special Report of that class. Fully edited and made simple to read.

​In fact, there are at least 20 Special Reports you can download as soon as you join!

FREE GIFT #3 - Resale License To Each Report (valued at $2,497)

WAIT... WHAT??? Yes, true. Not only will Brett be training you LIVE... not only will Brett then turn that LIVE class into a Report for you... BUT------- You'll then OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE REPORT too.

You'll own each report to do with it as you please - SELL THEM... GIVE THEM AWAY... USE THEM AS A BONUSES for your own offers... USE THEM AS AN INCENTIVE TO JOIN YOUR LIST... and so much more. No work required by you.

So in reality, Brett will be working for you to create powerful reports that you can sell and profit from.

FREE GIFT #4 - "$30K in 30-Days Masterclass"
(valued at $997)

Brett's one goal is to make everything easy to understand.

​So in this Masterclass, Brett will step by step you through what you need to do to have a 30K day in your business.

Nice and easy... nothing too technical. Just copy what Brett does in his business in order to get paying clients for your own.

FREE GIFT #5 - "The Magic Key" (valued at $997) 


Watch Brett LIVE-on-stage show you how his business works.... the ads he runs... the websites he uses - EVERYTHING revealed. This is the MAGIC KEY you need in order to have a $30,000 day in your business. (The ticket price of this event was $997 - YET IT'S YOURS FREE ONLY WITH THIS SPECIAL "GROWTH CLUB" OFFER)

FREE GIFT #6 - "Private Members Only Podcast" (valued at $997) 


This is the best way to absorb the easy lessons - while you're driving... flying... or just relaxing.

Just press PLAY on your phone...

... And you'll have hours of PRIVATE ACCESS to Growth Club.

Which means, your mind will come alive with ideas about what your marketing can really do and how to implement it (especially if you've never done it before!)


CASE STUDY - "How to go from 'ready to quit'... to making $46,000 in 2-weeks" (valued at $497) 


She was weeks from giving up for good. Then, I showed Sue how to quickly and easily attract the clients she needed. 

2 weeks later? BOOM! $46,000 in client enrolments. Like to see how she did it? I'll hand you the complete step-by-step story of how she did it... and how you can too.

FREE GIFT #8 - My Brand New Book - "The Freedom Manual" (valued at $47) 


One of the biggest reasons you're in business is to have some freedom again, yes?  So I wrote you this book so that I can show you...

How to have the business you want… and attract the clients you need on virtual auto-pilot (WITHOUT being a technical genius)

FREE GIFT #9 - LEAD GENERATOR FUNNEL  (valued at $997) 


I'll build a 2-page, lead generator funnel for you. No need to have any technical expertise. 

You'll be able to start growing your list and making offers in as little as 15-minutes!

FREE GIFT #10 - Million Dollar Ad Template (valued at $997) 


I've been writing ads for over 30-years. And one formula is conversatively responsible for earning me over $1,000,000 in coaching sales.

It's literally a short-cut. I'll hand you the template for your own profit (and I'll train you in how to use it too!)

FREE GIFT #11 - The 4 Fears Holding You Back  (valued at $997) 


This is the training that seems to hit home with Brett's students the most and set them on the right path FAST.  Once you have the self-awareness of what's REALLY holding you back, wait till you see your speedy progress. 

FREE GIFT #12 - Brett's Own Tailored AI Will Create ALL Your Marketing For You! (valued at $997) 


The problem with ChatGPT is that it provides general help. My "Tailored AI" has been programmed to write you headlines... adverts... video scripts and more based on MY 30 years of copywriting strategies and examples.

THE RESULT? Much more specific and powerful marketing... ready in just seconds.

BUT... can I really help you get amazing results? Check out what these members were able to do in Growth Club

BLUR-JEFF - $50K day - highlight png


  • ​4 LIVE Masterclasses Per Month on how to make $30,000 in the next 30-days in your business (valued at $3,997)
  • ​A Video Recording of every Masterclass  (valued at $997)
  • ​​A Special Report of every Masterclass  (valued at $3,997)
  • ​​A License to sell each Special Report - meaning you can steal my ideas and sell them! -  (valued at $2,497)
  • My Own Tailored AI Will Create ALL Your Marketing For You! (valued at $997)
  • ​​The "Magic Key" - 6-solid hours of my private and exclusive marketing training on how to earn $30,000 in just one day from your expertise (valued at $997)
  • ​​"$30K in 30-Days Masterclass" - your step-by-step plan made nice and easy (valued at $997)
  • Private Members-Only Podcast - so that you can still learn when you're not online (valued at $997)
  • ​CASE STUDY: "How to go from 'ready to quit'... to making $46,000 in 2-weeks"  (valued at $497)
  • ​ My Brand New Book - "The Freedom Manual"  (valued at $47)
  • ​LEAD GENERATOR FUNNEL: Your own 2-page lead generating funnel DONE FOR YOU!  (valued at $997)
  • ​Million Dollar Ad Template - take my most proven template and have your own powerful ad written in just minutes (valued at $997)
  • ​VIDEO TRAINING: "The 4 Fears Stopping You From Making The Income You Really Want"  (valued at $997)


TOTAL VALUE: $15,014 

GOOD QUESTION. But, it's actually quite simple.

In short, my goal is to deliver massive value to you.

So much value in fact, that you want to stay in Growth Club at $197/month.

Now in order to do that, I need to get 3 VERY important things right:

  • EXPERIENCE: I have to let you experience Growth Club for yourself on a 14-DAY TRIAL (there's just no better way to know for sure if it's for you, right?)
  • ​DELIVERY: I need to make sure that you receive every single inclusion I promised you (and more!) so that you know you can trust me to deliver. And lastly...
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: There is simply no way you are going to get the results you need if you do not change and grow. You HAVE to become a STRONGER marketer if you want your prospects to become your clients. So I need to keep you accountable to this - you need to be pushed in every way.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do!

SO THAT'S WHY I'M DOING THIS... Over the next 14-days I'm going to do my level-best to blow you away. And if I can, then you'd be a fool NOT to stay and profit.

And that means I'm going to let you test-drive $15,014 worth of my best marketing training for just $1!  

(Techniques and strategies fewer than 1 in 100 experts even know, let alone teach)

Why is my single goal in Growth Club, to get you to a $30K day?

Have you heard of the "4-minute mile?"

On May 6, 1954, amatuer mid-distance runner, Roger Bannister, broke the world record when he ran 1-mile in under 4-minutes. Not long after, a whole bunch of people started breaking the record too. Why? Because now they BELIEVED it was possible.  Once you break your "4-minute mile" - a $30K day - your life will be the same again.


If you don't get at least 1 new paid client in the next 14-days from what you learn and apply in Growth Club, then you owe nothing. Simply walk away and we part as friends. This way, you can ONLY win.

PHOTO-Hawaii jpg

Think it's impossible to make more in 1-day than most business owners make all month?  Watch this:


They make you wait 12-months to give you everything they promised you!

Well, you could go broke in 12-months! All because you were loaded down with modules to watch... homework to complete... strategies to try.

That's why I created Growth Club, so that you can jump right in and get results immediately - NO WAITING!

Why wait when you get can LIVE help WEEKLY right now - no boring program to wade through!

(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14-days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” It’s that simple.)


PHOTO-OfferStack1-Etched png

What have you got to lose?

"Wishing" for more clients is NOT going to work. For things to change, YOU must change.

Just like you tell your clients... if there's no challenge, there's no growth.

WELL... your challenge starts here RISK FREE.

(Just $1 account activation fee gets you started)

TOTAL VALUE: $15,014 


PLUS... you also get the benefit of something completely unique

What's Tailored AI?  You may have tried "AI" before. It can create a whole bunch of stuff for you. But it's general. Which means, it doesn't know whether what it creates for you is any good.

What I have inside Growth Club for you is Tailored AI. Which means that every single thing I've ever taught has been uploaded into this AI, and the answers it provides for you are based on my trainings. Meaning you get exactly the answers you need specifically as a coach or consultant.

  • EASIER: It will write headlines, offers, and copy for you based on the secret strategies I teach you
  • FASTER: It will answer your questions about my teachings better and quicker than even I can some days
  • TAILORED ADVICE: Not general advice - but specific tips, strategies and advice based around YOU - meaning less wasted time trying to get usable answers 


If you don't enrol at least 1 new paid client in the next 14-days from what you learn and apply in Growth Club, then you owe nothing. Simply walk away and we part as friends. This way, you can ONLY win.

PHOTO-Hawaii jpg

Why now? Here's exactly why:

I’m only accepting a small handful of highly-motivated folks who are ready to “get in the game” and start having $30K days in their coaching business.


The ridiculous offer on this page will go away when the countdown timer hits ZERO.

Which means, you'll miss out on your risk-free trial.

So don't make a decision now - make it in 14-days time. Make a decision based on what you do know, instead of what you don't know.

6Days 09Hours: 36Minutes: 03Seconds

Remember, you're not alone - these members each backed themselves in Growth Club...


Brett McFall’s Growth Club was the kick in the butt I needed to get real! Before Growth Club, I had online training programs with fabulous
feedback from participants
but not much traction in the market.
Since joining, I’ve built the tools, and the determination, to get it out there to a much wider audience.

Louise curran


I’m a financial coach who knows the “personal growth, success, and marketing world" quite well. My coaching practice was limited by my one-on-one style and beliefs about what I can (or can-not) do. Since Growth Club – my practice has started to boom! I have a new way of seeing and thinking about my clients. I have a new vision and a practical way to scale my business in a new way.

John Ryan

TESTIMONIAL-Margeurita Vorbioff.jpg

I've had an online business for several years, and I'd been searching desperately for the formula that would propel my business forward. After spending tens of thousands of dollars, I found Bretts masterful training, and the Growth Club community. Now I'm scaling my business to new heights and am confident I finally have everything in place to have a much bigger impact and income.

Marguerita Vorobioff

PLUS... you're protected by my 14-day "you-win-or-you-win" GUARANTEE!

I'll keep this nice and simple - if you don't get a client in your first 14-days based on what you apply from Growth Club... or you simply don't like me or my coaching - then I can't sleep at night. SO... walk away WITHOUT owing me a cent for the $15,000 worth of training - AND WE PART AS FRIENDS!

ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS "MAYBE": In The Next 14-Days You Will Have A New Paying Client... Plus A Step-By-Step Plan To Have $30,000 Days... ALL FOR FREE!


If you don't enrol at least 1 new paid client in the next 14-days from what you learn and apply in Growth Club, then you owe nothing. Simply walk away and we part as friends. This way, you can ONLY win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does This 14-Day Trial Work?
A: Let me work with you in Growth Club LIVE (Mondays 4pm PST in the USA, and Tuesdays 10am AEST in Australia) completely at my cost. No gimmicks. No funny business. Just a $1 account activation fee.

At the end of your 14-day trial, if you agree Growth Club is the tool that will get you to a $30,000 day in your coaching business, then you don’t have to do a thing, and we’ll automatically enroll you into our monthly subscription of just $197/month. Cancel anytime without any hassle.

Q: When will I receive my $15,014 worth of free gifts?
A: Immediately. When you sign up today for the 14-day test-drive of Growth Club, you’ll receive instant access to all of the free digital downloads as promised.

Q: Is All Of This Value Really True?! What's the catch?
A: Yes, it's true! There’s no catch. When you say "maybe" today, you can secure  $15,014 of my home-grown ‘marketing secrets,’ including step-by-step guidance to help you have $30K-days in your business. Most of these inclusions I have sold to clients previously for their stated value. Others are brand new.

All I ask is that you come in with the right intention - to apply what I teach you.

Q: Why do I have to pay a $1 Account Activation Fee?
A: Because if you don't pay anything, you won't do anything (you'll treat it like all the other free stuff you've done nothing with). And if you won't do anything, then I can't guarantee you any results.

Instead, I make sure your $1 is the best fee you've ever paid - I train you for 14-days at my cost and effort, and hand you over $15,000 in value!

If this doesn't make sense to you, then you're wasting your time as business owner - don't be the entrepreneur who wants your customers to invest in your product or service, but yet you won't invest in your own education.

Q: Who Is This For?
A: Growth Club is for coaches, consultants, speakers and business owners who are great at what they do, but not as good at marketing what they do. I've been writing adverts since 1989 in 222 industries - so the marketing side is the easy part for me. And that's what makes you and I such a good match - YOUR expertise and MY marketing experience. Plus, when I teach , I make things so simple that an 8 year old can understand it - meaning, you can implement FAST.

Q: What If I'm Not Satisfied With My Subscription?
A: This is highly unlikely. I have an 83% retention rate. And that means, what I teach works. My members stay because it's profitable to do so - plain and simple. However, with that said, if you don't find your Growth Club subscription useful, including the $15,014 worth of ‘marketing secrets’ given to you for free today... then you can cancel anytime and we'll part as friends. ;-)

Q: Do You Have A Guarantee?
A: Yes I sure do. Simply follow my lead in the simple training I give you inside the Growth Club website to attract a new paying client for free (truly, it's so easy a child could do it). If you'll do that for the next 14-days, and you don't enrol at least 1 new paying client, you can walk away no owing anything. And we part as friends.

This is all at my cost, so that you can only win or win. On my side, this guarantee puts me on task to perform for you or quite simply, I'd eventually go broke.

So as you can see, the risk is on me, not you. 

ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS "MAYBE": In The Next 14-Days You Will Have A New Paying Client... Plus A Step-By-Step Plan To Have $30,000 Days... ALL FOR FREE!


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