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This RISK-FREE offer goes away when the clock strikes ZERO

FROM: Marketing Coach to over 5,000 students in 17 countries, Brett McFall

Would you mind if I send you a $197 Report that shows you how to write ads that work - for FREE?

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All I'll ask you for in return is to fill out a short form and let me know what you think.

Then after you fill out the form, you get to keep the Reports forever FREE.

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Right now I have hundreds of members enjoying my "Growth Club" Reports. They're the coaches, consultants and speakers who now know how to market and sell their services.

(You'll see some of them on this webpage.)

What I do is help experts market their businesses - and YES, have $30,000 days - by getting prospects to approach them.

See, that's the difference.

NO more chasing clients and failing.

I show you how to get clients to approach YOU. 

PROMISE: In The Next 30-Days, You Will Have A New Paying Client... Plus A Step-By-Step Plan To Have $30,000 Days... ALL FOR FREE!

REMEMBER: If you don't get a new paid client in the next 30-days from what you learn and apply in Growth Club, you'll receive a 4-Night Hawaiian Getaway... just to make sure that you only win or win!

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As a member you get full access to Growth Club - which shows you finally how to have a $30,000 day as an expert in your niche(and never again have any more income barriers in your way)... no more marketing that doesn't work... no more self-sabotage... and no more wondering if you're good enough.


  • ​3 LIVE Masterclasses Per Month: You'll be part of a private group who get the inside secrets from an entrepreneur who's written over 10,000 sales messages for 223 different industries in 17 countries - Brett McFall
  • ​LIVE BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Don't just "listen and work it out later" - solve your problems right there and then!
  • ​BEHIND THE SCENES ACCESS: See successful marketing campaigns by successful experts.. and more!

BUT that's not all!

You also get 6 SOLID HOURS OF MARKETING TRAINING - called "The Magic Key" where I will lay out the complete step-by-step system you need to use to have a $30,000 day in your business. (The ticket price of this event was $997 - YET IT'S YOURS FREE ONLY WITH THIS SPECIAL "GROWTH CLUB" OFFER) 

And then I go ahead and make you a promise that no-one anywhere can make:

If after 30-days you can't attribute a new client from what you learn in Growth Club, I want to send you a fully-paid 4-Night, 4-Star HAWAIIAN Getaway(valued at up to $1,000) completely for FREE! No wiggle-out clauses... no special conditions - JUST STAY ON ME!!

Think it's not possible to make more in 1-day than most people make all month?  Watch this:

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They make you wait 12-months to give you everything they promised you!

Well, you could go broke in 12-months! All because you were loaded down with modules to watch... homework to complete... strategies to try.

That's why I created Growth Club, so that you can jump right in and get results immediately - NO WAITING!

Why wait when you get can LIVE help WEEKLY right now - no boring program to wade through!

(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 30-days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” It’s that simple.)



Through a revolutionary model called THE RESULTS MAP... you'll be able to tap into everything already inside of you for attracting high-paying clients

YOU'LL CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS: Your mindset will be your friend, not your enemy (which means no more self-sabotage)

YOU'LL CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS: You'll FINALLY know exactly how to market what you do so that your prospects take notice of you and invest in your solution

YOU'LL CHANGE YOUR RESULTS: You'll have your first $30K day in your business, while your competition scratch their head in disbelief.

Here's everything you get when you say "maybe" today - DON'T PAY YET 


3 LIVE Masterclasses Per Month in The Growth Club (valued at $3,997)

LIVE 3-times per month with Brett McFall - coach to over 5,000 students in 17 countries - he'll bring out the best in you... and help you to smash any limitations you have when it comes to your BELIEFS and ACTIONS. Why? 

Because these 2 things are what is REALLY holding you back.

If you don't BELIEVE you can have a $30K day in your business... GUESS WHAT? You won't feel excited about it. And you won't take the ACTION you need to make it happen.

So your BELIEFS come first. Your ACTIONS come second.

You're going to receive so many tools to smash both these areas, that you will become unstoppable.

Each month you'll get:

  • ​MINDSET SECRETS: How to super-charge your brain to become your magnetic force driving you forward
  • ​COPYWRITING SECRETS: How to write words that draw people to you like moths to a flame
  • ​MARKETING SECRETS: How to become the ONLY choice for your prospect - even if you're in a sea of competition
  • SELLING SECRETS: How to charge what you're worth, and get it! No more competing on price or having to discount your coaching just to get a client onboard

FREE GIFT #1 - Recordings of each Masterclass (valued at $997)

If you miss the class - NO PROBLEM! Like to recap what was taught? NO PROBLEM! In the members-only Growth Club site, you'll find a treasure-trove of classes that only teach you what you need to know - NO MORE OVERWHELM!


FREE GIFT #2 - Special Reports Of Each Masterclass (valued at $997)

Sometimes you just want to learn by reading, right?  Reading lets you absorb the detail... make notes... and highlight the areas that are most important to you.

So within hours of the LIVE class, you'll find a Special Report of that class. Fully edited and made simple to read. BOOOOM!


FREE GIFT #3 - Resale License To Each Report (valued at $2,497)

WAIT... WHAT??? Yes, true. Not only will Brett be training you LIVE... not only will Brett then turn that LIVE class into a Report for you... BUT------- You'll then OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE REPORT too.

You'll own each report to do with it as you please - SELL THEM... GIVE THEM AWAY... USE THEM AS A BONUSES for your own offers... USE THEM AS AN INCENTIVE TO JOIN YOUR LIST... and so much more. No work required by you.

So in reality, Brett will be working for you to create powerful reports that you can sell and profit from.


FREE GIFT #4 - "$30K in 30-Days Masterclass"
(valued at $997)

NO fluff... NO filler... just the complete plan that you can use to have your first $30K day as a coach. And if you think "it's impossible" - great, that's exactly the first limiting-belief that we need to help you with.

But let Brett walk you through the exact step-by-step plan to having your first $30,000 day in your business.


FREE GIFT #5 - "The Magic Key" (valued at $997) 


Watch Brett LIVE show you the complete step-by-step system - THE MAGIC KEY - you need in order to have a $30,000 day in your coaching business. (The ticket price of this event was $997 - YET IT'S YOURS FREE ONLY WITH THIS SPECIAL "GROWTH CLUB" OFFER)



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What have you got to lose?

"Wishing" for more clients is NOT going to work. For things to change, YOU must change.

Just like you tell your clients... if there's no challenge, there's no growth.

WELL... your challenge starts here RISK FREE.

If you don't want to STAY and you don't get a new client - just say "I'm out!" and you walk away with $1,000 4-Night HAWAIIAN Getaway on me!!!

You literally can ONLY win!

IT's taken me 30 years to learn ALL these secrets - yet you get them all in your first 30-days!


HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HIT 30K IN 1-DAY?? You get LIVE training 3 times per month on your mindset and your marketing... recordings of each class... Special Reports of each class... a resale license to each Special Report... BONUS training and more.

When you say "maybe" today, you can have all of this:

  • ​3 LIVE Masterclasses Per Month in The Growth Club (valued at $3,997)
  • ​Recordings of each Masterclass (valued at $997)
  • ​Special Reports Of Each Masterclass (valued at $997)
  • ​Resale License To Each Report (valued at $2,497)
  • "$30K in 30-Days Masterclass" (valued at $997)
  • ​"The Magic Key" - 6 Hours Of Solid Step-By-Step Training On How To Have a $30,000 day (valued at $997)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,482 


(Just $1 account activation fee gets you started)

REMEMBER: If you don't get a new paid client in the next 30-days from what you learn and apply in Growth Club, you'll receive a 4-Night Hawaiian Getaway... just to make sure that you only win or win!

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So what's the catcH?

If there's a catch with Growth Club then it is this: 

There are 4 things that all my successful students have, and without these I cannot help you. 

  • ​You’ve got to be decisive
  • ​You’ve got to be resourceful
  • ​You’ve got to be coachable
  • ​You’ve got to work hard

Now is there ANY reason why you wouldn’t be those 4 things?



  • You already have EVERYTHING you need inside of you. It's just that you've never quite worked out  how to tap in to your marketing genius
  • ​You don't need a "coach" - but you do need to know how to manage your BELIEFS and ACTIONS when it comes marketing your business
  • Through Growth Club I will bring out the best in you... I'll show you the power you already have to achieve your goals
  • And you WILL have your first $30K day as an expert in YOUR niche

Why now? Here's exactly why:

The ridiculous offer on this page will go away VERY SOON, and you'll miss out on your risk-free trial. So don't make a decision now - make it in 30-days time. Make a decision based on what you do know, instead of what you don't know.

12Hours: 08Minutes: 11Seconds

Brett McFall’s Growth Club was the
kick in the butt I needed to get real!
Before Growth Club, I had online
training programs with fabulous
feedback from participants
but not much traction in the market.
Since joining, I’ve built the tools, and the determination, to get it out there to a much wider audience.

Louise curran


I’m a financial coach who knows the “personal growth, success, and marketing world" quite well. My coaching practice was limited by my one-on-one style and beliefs about what I can (or can-not) do. Since Growth Club – my practice has started to boom! I have a new way of seeing and thinking about my clients. I have a new vision and a practical way to scale my business in a new way.

John Ryan

TESTIMONIAL-Margeurita Vorbioff.jpg

I've had an online business for several years, and I'd been searching desperately for the formula that would propel my business forward. After spending tens of thousands of dollars, I found Bretts masterful training, and the Growth Club community. Now I'm scaling my business to new heights and am confident I finally have everything in place to have a much bigger impact and income.

Marguerita Vorobioff

PLUS... you're protected by my 30-day you-win-or-you-win GUARANTEE!

I'll keep this nice and simple - if you don't get a client in your first 30-days based on what you apply from Growth Club... or you simply don't like me or my coaching - then I can't sleep at night. SO... you still walk away with a $1,000 4-Night, 4-Star HAWAIIAN Getaway on me - AND WE PART AS FRIENDS!

REMEMBER: If you don't get a new paid client in the next 30-days from what you learn and apply in Growth Club, you'll receive a 4-Night Hawaiian Getaway... just to make sure that you only win or win!

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