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How did this all start?

Have you ever lost someone and wished you could have just one more conversation with them?

That is exactly why I created this service.

When my Great Grandmother died I was 22yrs old, and it left a big hole in my heart.

Now as a Mother of two young children I can see the importance and value in being able to preserve the memories of my living parents and grandparents.

Through "curious conversations" I have been able to capture the essence of their personality and preserve their memories and childhood stories for my children to listen to when the grow up.

I started this business so that you too could have the same experience that I have.

I believe that everyone has a story, a memory or a legacy they want to leave for the next generation.

Our team of warm listeners will be able to provide a safe and peaceful space to listen and guide your loved one in sharing their story.

Kate McFall