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Everyone has a story to tell...
And We capture It for you

Your stories Captured forever

If you've often said, "Mum, you really need to write that story down for us."

Or, "Dad, can you please tell that story again about the day I was born."

Or perhaps it's even your own story. And while you have planned to record that moment in some way... in the end, you never did get around to it.

This is what Lifetalk is all about. We record a couch-side conversation with you or a  person you love, so that your special moments are preserved forever.


We provide a Warm And Safe Space To Share Stories.
And this Can Help In many Ways


Preserving memories today, let’s those memories live on for the future generations.


Real-life stories celebrate your families values, traditions and love for each other.


Reminiscing on the past also helps improve memory cognition and gives a sense of purpose.

You, or someone you love, becomes the "Special guest" in your family's story


Have you ever lost someone and wished you could have one final conversation with?

Or wished you could hear their voice again?

Or have them remind you of a piece of your family history?

Now these moments can be preserved for you and for future generations.

We capture the essence of your loved one in a 1-on-1 conversation, then hand you the recording to keep forever.

Things like their childhood memories...  family stories and traditions... advice for future generations... and the legacy of their life.

These recordered conversations become your families most cherished keepsakes.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Everyone has a heart that's been broken... or a life that's been touched.

Everyone has a memory that makes them cry.

Or a moment that changed their life... and which took them in a direction that they never saw coming.

These, are the conversations we capture.


Lifetalk is about conversations From the Heart.

It's about asking a series of specific questions that allow you to open up about your life, your memories and more.

And sometimes it's just about capturing a world you may never have shared before, but you lovingly want your family to treasure.

It is indeed true that everyone has a story to tell.

How does it work?

It really is very simple. 
STEP 1: You'll chose the package that suits you.
STEP 2: We'll email you a calendar to book in the call.
STEP 3: We interview the chosen recipient and record the call
STEP 4: We edit and send you the recording to keep forever in your family. 

PLEASE NOTE: No information is stored after the sessions are complete and you are the only holder of the recordings.

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